Blondie- Pollinator

I haven’t posted or even been on here I a while…life gets hectic sometimes. Had to express my delight in the new Blondie album. I was slightly hesitant at first, not sure why, wasn’t that I doubted it. I decided to listen on Apple Music first and bought it had a pretty good sound so I ordered it from my “dealer”. Found a record store with a really cool owner that always lets me know when he gets stuff he thinks I’d like. I wanted the red vinyl but were sold out and now are going for 75+,he was able to find a cool white vinyl. With that being said I brought it home, dropped the needle on the record and turned it up. The sound of course was way better through my speakers than my earbuds and the album delivers! Has a good nostalgia feel to it, and if you didn’t know it would be hard to believe it’s a now 71 year old woman belting out the lyrics. Full of energy and emotion. Fragments has become my favorite on the album the few times I’ve listened to it this weekend. I highly suggest checking this one out! 


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