Sunday vinyl

I’ve been playing a few records today and I was thinking of when I was younger, either sitting around with my girlfriend or the times when a few friends would come over. There would be those days when there just didn’t seem like there was anything to do, or we were too poor and didn’t have gas money to do it! Other times I’d be sitting around myself possibly bored out of my mind. Usually listening to music would be the go to event, actually most of my life music was in the background. It was almost an event, I mostly had cassettes and I can remember sitting on the floor pulling out tape after tape, the playlist of the 80s and into the early 90s. Making mix tapes was a lot of work, I recently got a taste of how much work it was one rainy day when I decided to make one. It took a few hours, and that was recording from vinyl with the ability to choose the song without fast forwarding and rewinding. I wonder how many hours of my life were spent making those tapes? Good times…

I’m happy the vinyl craze is back, not so happy some of the ones I’ve been getting or want are pricy but coming from an ex drinker I justify some of my purchases because at least it’s not bad for me. It’s especially nice when you find a beautiful pressing that was well taken care of, which is one of the video I’m posting. Orchestral manoeuvres in the dark, I especially love the song “electricity”. It’s one of those upbeat songs that get you going. Enjoy. 


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