My song for tonight

I’m sure you’re familiar with the band The Human League. Don’t you want me, and Fascination both great songs. Dare is a good album and the instrumental version is a great listen, but the earlier stuff in my opinion is better. The first album is awesome, of course I’ve been going through a synth pop phase lately. It happens, I’ll listen to a lot of hardcore punk, switch it up with some rockabilly, some roots Americana stuff. Like I said, I’ve really been enjoying that 80s synthpop sound, it just gives me a good feeling when I listen to it. I just want to go back to the clubs and hear it play and have a good time.

So this song, “Zero as a limit” starts off a little slow, then the beat picks up just making you want to jump up and by the end you wish you had a bunch of people join you bumping and spinning out of control almost like being in a pit. I have had my eye out for their first two albums on vinyl, I suppose I will prefer them if I don’t come across them soon. I’m not a vinyl snob but there’s nothing like the feeling of dropping the needle on a great album at home!

I will put together a playlist of some of my favorite 80s tunes later, but for now enjoy this one! I used one of my 80s inspired drawings for the header image.


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