My new friend

Just turned 45 years young this summer, I’ve certainly noticed a love of things nostalgic lately. A couple years ago I bought a cassette deck for the hundred of cassettes I still own, and since vinyl is making a comeback I’ve started collecting. Actually very proud of my 12 Devo albums I acquired! I never really stopped listening to music from the 70’s and 80’s, when I got into the punk scene in the 80’s it stuck with me. It just feels different now as if maybe I’m trying to hang on to those years, and I’m ok with that. 

A few years ago I started using Instagram, since I’ve had an iPhone I’ve been taking all my photos with it. Actually have got some really nice shots. Obviously I’m no professional if I’m using an iPhone but through Instagram and doing a few challenges and interacting with other hobby photographers I’ve come to enjoy it a lot. I’ve been saying I need a nice camera, tough call on that because you don’t want to go cheap but it can be very hard to fork over big money for a nice one. Then my nostalgia factor kicked in and decided I wanted a 35 mm. As I was browsing a canon ae-1 caught my eye. Initially it was the look, it was pleasing to the eye. For 170.00 it was deal as well. I read lots of reviews and heard nothing but good about it. I made up my mind that this was the one for me.

That afternoon I took a drive and as I passed an antiques and collectibles shop I’ve driven by a million times, I whipped in a parking spot. When I walked in I saw some cameras on the shelf, a couple polaroids. One being a Polaroid pro pack, I almost bought it, and if not for a couple missing buttons I would have, then left the store. I asked the owner if she ever gets any 35 mm and she went upstairs and came back with a box with cameras and lenses in it. I moved one camera and much to my surprise was the very canon I was looking at earlier that day. I found a lense that fit and stood there with that piece of nostalgia in my hand wondering how much this would cost me. She offered to let me have the camera and lense for 25.00, trying not to jump up and down with excitement I said, I can do that. It came with a power wonder attachment, which I took off to ease the weight, and also had a data back film door attachment. I bought a battery and film and everything seems to be fine. 

So, as I sit here listening to Laurie Anderson sing O superman while I write this I’m pleased to add another bit of the past to my collection and look forward to the anticipation of getting my film back and either be disappointed or delighted at my shots. It’s ok either way, it’s a learning process and I look forward to it. With that being said I think I may use this as more of a place to share my photos, ones I’ve been creative and artistic with, others just basic landscapes. I’ll put up a few of my iPhone shots until I figure out the best place to develop film… sure could use a fotomat now! 


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