Hello Everyone 

Hi guys, 

Just a brief introduction, first off I’m starting this as a test. I often have thoughts or little stories that come to me that I like to share. Some funny, sometimes not depending on my day. I’m sure we all have those and really who likes to read about someone complain? I’m going to try to use this as somewhat as a therapeutic session and keep all my posts upbeat and positive. I know for myself it feels good to do small things throughout the day to be nice to others, simple things, could be just taking a grocery cart back to the store for someone or giving up your place in line. I hope that through some of my upcoming posts I can make at least one person smile or laugh. I enjoy hiking and especially love it when I have my youngest daughter with me, I always come back feeling refreshed and renewed ready to take on another day. Music is another big thing for me and most likely will talk about that as well. Sharing my art will be another, not everyone will like it but I don’t like all art either. For those of you that took their time to read this, thank you, I really look forward to this and I hope you will too! 


3 thoughts on “Hello Everyone ”

  1. I read your comment over on TSTO Addicts and thought I would check out your blog. I am in need of some positive thinking at the moment and I’m looking forward to reading some more of your blog posts 🙂

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